Crafted Beauty Beyond Time

What could it be, to be beautiful beyond time ?

Crafted color balance made from original yarns,
Original textures knitted from different mixed materials,
Sculptural silhouettes designed with different knitted stitches,
To pursue the ultimate beauty of balancing materials,
knitted stitches and silhouettes.
My mission is to design beautiful knitwear
which signifies the wearer's styling.

  • Overture

    Henley neck pullover

    White, Black, Navy

    A knitted wool shirt top with high quality shirink-resistant wool yarn is a refined item with a perfectly fit neck and shoulder.

  • Bouquet

    V neck pullover with a peplum bottom hem

    Lilac / Olive, Black, Egg, Royalblue

    Knitted from viscose yarn, this peplum bottom hemmed sweater is framed by the label’s signiture buttons and is easily styled with a slim skirt or wide trousers.

  • Carriage-drive

    Reversible turtle pullover

    White, Grey

    Knitted from a soft wool and mohair, this sweater is framed by the oversize silhouette and is able to be worn inside out and outside in.

  • Caravan

    Wool silk parka


    Knitted from a soft wool and chunky silk, this parka is framed by the trompe l’oeil pattern and is styled with a long skirt or trousers.

  • Holiday

    Cashmere fringe cardigan

    White, Beige, Red, Black, Aqua

    Knitted from a very thin cashmere,this cardigan is framed by the feather like weight and its three dimensional silhouette. It was knitted from a whole garment machine. Experience the weight less effect cardigan.

  • Ripple

    Pleasted hole knitted skirt

    Red, Navy

    Knitted from a soft wool, this skirt is framed by the holes and it gives contemporary mood.

  • Petal

    Lace suede dresscoat

    Grey / Navy

    This coat is framed by the elegance of combination of lace and suede. It is styled in a feminine mood and contemporary mood.

  • Shell

    Patterned skirt

    Knitted from a soft wool, this skirt framed by the waist belt and the jacquard pattern.

  • Bellows

    Bi colored pullover

    Black x white
    Navy x Lilac

    Combined with bi-color knitted fabric and jersey, this pullover is framed by its sporty and contemporary mood.

  • Flora

    Lace trimmed pullover

    White / Navy / Charcoal grey

    Knitted by soft matt viscose yarn, this pull over is framed by its cuff and hem finish backed with lace. Recommended style is with a lace skirt.

  • Shadowgraph

    Scallop hemmed lace skirt

    Navy / Grey

    Combined with fake suede fabric, this lace skirt is framed by its silhouette and the volume of the lace.

  • Horizon

    Wool viscose combinationation pullover

    White / Navy / Black

    Combined with viscose yarn, this sweater is framed by its mixture of wool and viscose and side buttoned closure.

  • Map

    Pleated jacquard knitted skirt

    Black x White
    Navy x Lilac
    Red x Charcoal grey

    Knitted from soft wool yarn, this skirt is framed by its patterns matched with its pleats.

  • Embankment

    Wool viscose combination cardigan

    White / Navy / Black

    Combined with viscose yarn, this fine wool sweater gives a contemporary casual mood.

  • Checker

    Silk jacquard stole

    Navy x White
    Black x White
    Red x Charcoal grey
    Beige x Lilac

    Knitted from pure silk yarn, this stole is framed by its warmth, weight, and the pattern. The recommended style is with a dresscoat.

  • Second skin

    Viscose turtle neck pullover

    Lilac / White / Navy / Black

    Knitted from matt viscose yarn, this high neck pullover is framed by its silhouette and its densely knitted fabric.

  • Down

    Mohair hand knit cape

    Red / Grey

    Wool mohair blend yarn is handknitted into a warm cosy cape. The shoulder line is made possible only by handknitting and the cape doesn’t slip off from the shoulder even if it is not buttoned up. This item is styled with a simple knit pullover or a winter coat.


KÄÄPIÖ Designer : Kaoru Oshima

Kaoru, originally from Tokyo completed her undergraduate degree at Central St. Martins College in London, where she studied knitted textiles and was chosen as a finalist of Texprint 2008 with her graduate collection.
She moved to NY to pursue her Masters in Fashion Design and Society and presented her own graduate collection in New York Fashion Week, sponsored by Loro Piana.
She went onto work at Ralph Lauren Men's Black Label as an associate designer.
After going back to Japan to realize her aesthetic through Japanese craftmanship, she launched KÄÄPIÖ in 2014.
KÄÄPIÖ received a grant from Japan Lifestyle and Fashion Foundation in 2015 and was selected for one of the winning designers of the Tokyo New Designers Fashion Grand Prix Professional Category of 2017.



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Tel : 03-5468-2118
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